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Our Case Studies

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Our goal with case studies is simple; we want to outline real needs and the real results our company
has helped get for our clients. There is no room for
fluff, just results. It's great if a website looks and
feels awesome, but we also believe that it needs
to accomplish what it's being set out for.


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National Technology Company Case Study

We started working with our technology company from a simple referral. They wanted someone local to work with and wanted all their web properties on one platform and solution. We started by migrating their 40-plus web properties to our company, and in that process, we saved them over $500 per month in hosting costs alone.


From there, we spent the next two years rebuilding two flagship brand websites and two new branded websites with custom designs and eCommerce shopping carts. The estimated costs we saved them from the previous web company's quotes was over $100,000. On an ongoing basis and factoring in all their web properties, new websites and rebuilt sites, we currently save them more than $1,500 per month.


Saving money aside, we've also run an intensive national SEO campaign for several major search terms, or as they put it, "money" terms, to generate more sales. We've helped them rank in the top three spots on Google for their best two search terms, generating over 40 high-value qualified leads per week from these rankings. 


Moving forward, we continue to help drive leads and traffic to their websites. Our newest eCommerce website has generated over $60,000 in sales in the first four months after launching.


If you're looking to decrease your web costs and increase the productivity and sales from your web presence, contact us today for a free web quote.


Local Retail SEO Case Study

SEO for local and small businesses is very important. Our recent work with a small retail location in Sioux Falls proved extremely profitable. They had a website that was a franchise-built with limited on-page optimization and customization options. We took a look at the project and determined we could help improve its rankings. Starting on page 7 of Google for their main search term, we went to work.


We optimized the site for local geo and for the keywords most profitable for their business. After two quick weeks, we had them jump from page 7 to page 1 on Google. It didn't stop there, as we continued to work and helped push the site to the second spot on Google for their main keyword.


The work we put in wasn't just for the main keywords. We had great success with 90% of the long-tail keywords. We had at least 10 long-tail keywords land on the first page of Google within six weeks of local SEO work.


If you're looking to help your website rank better, contact us today about one of our SEO packages.


Accounting Firm Case Study

Accountants are known for managing finances and identifying problems and areas for improvement when it comes to a business' money. We worked with an accounting firm that needed their own help in streamlining some of their products to save on costs. Upon meeting with them, we learned they were spending over $750 per month for a popular web platform but weren't utilizing most of the features available to them. Some of the features were there solely to justify the price they were paying.


We were able to identify the products they truly needed while removing the ones they didn't. We migrated their entire web presence over to our platform and built a custom design to meet their needs. We then integrated the online tools they needed to promote and manage their business while decreasing costs. When it was said and done, their monthly savings paid for the cost of the new website in under 10 months, and from that point on, their costs dropped from $750 per month to $60, netting a savings of $690 per month and a yearly savings of $8,280.


Are you looking for big savings without sacrificing effectiveness? Contact us and we'll get started right away!

Juan Alvarez, Director of Sales

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