About Us

We Do Web Right!

We have one simple philosophy, We Do Web Right! This encompasses more than just doing things the right way but also treating our clients right and doing the right thing. As a faith-based company, we value integrity, honesty and doing what we say we'll do. Our priorities as a company are Faith, Family, and Work. We're not saying we're perfect but given the opportunity, we'll do the right thing and make things right. Our word and our promise to serve our clients by doing what's right are what we've been able to build our business on. We know that it makes a difference and we hope you find out that it does too! We try to run our lives and business by the words of Matthew 6:33. "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

Giving back is important. At Brinks Web Solutions, a portion of every dollar is given back to incredible faith-based organizations we support or our local church. We also donate our time and gifts to several non-profits as a way to support our community in Sioux Falls. 

Since we started we've been named Sioux Falls Local Best every year since 2017 when the web design category was added. This has been an honor and we will continue to strive for excellence. We've worked with hundreds of businesses in Sioux Falls as well across the US. We could go on and on about how we're a great company but its best to hear it from our clients rather than us. Read what our clients are saying here!

The praise for our continued success goes to our team. We have some of the best designers, developers, writers, social media experts, and SEO professionals. This team is designed to offer expertise in every area online. We also want to help your web presence so you can do what you do best, run your business! Feel free to contact us to talk more about what our team can offer you!

Phil Brinks, Owner

Professional Experience:

Phil is an award-winning and visionary website developer who has 12+ years of experience creating and growing the online presence of local businesses and pioneering marketing strategies to help them become successful. His skills as a webmaster, coach, and leader have propelled hundreds of businesses in more than 40 industries to page 1 of Google for the keywords most important to their business, and his expertise has expanded well beyond designing better websites for his clients. He and his team now tackle everything a business needs to be successful online, from eCommerce to SEO, social media management, online advertising, and more.

Phil launched Brinks Web Solutions in 2011 with a vision to craft better websites for businesses, and the company has never been stronger. He delivers on that promise with hard work, dedication, integrity, and great customer service — with a little bit of fun along the way. There are few projects Phil and his team are unable to tackle, and each one he does commit to is carefully tailored to the unique needs and goals of that business. Phil's genuine interest and enthusiasm is most evident in the growth of the Sioux Falls Referral Network, a professional Sioux Falls referral group he has supported, led, and fostered to more than 35 members since 2011.

Personal Experience:

Phil is a dedicated husband and father to his wife Jennifer and their son. He enjoys traveling the world with his family and supporting his wife's business, Welcome Back Travel, as well as serving together much closer to home as volunteers at Central Church. He's also a lifelong fitness buff, bourbon connoisseur, and pro-life advocate.

Ryan Brinks, Content Manager

Professional Experience:

Ryan is an award-winning writer and editor who has 17+ years of professional experience creating content for small businesses, with the last 5 years dedicated to developing strategic SEO content and generating viral business content on LinkedIn. His skills have been put to work for professional newspapers, cutting-edge business and trade journals, top-notch marketing firms, high-quality web development companies, influential bloggers and even Congressional candidates. As a result, he's written for or about nearly every industry out there, and he's eager to put his skills to work helping more local businesses grow. He has a keen attention to detail and quality, is adept at discovering, planning, and crafting creative and engaging content, and has earned a strong reputation for distilling complex information into easy-to-read text. He's also very tech savvy and well-versed in website development, project management, and all-around innovation.

Prior to joining Brinks Web Solutions, Ryan planned and built the foundation for Finder.com's banking and investment content through strategic content creation and management of writers, editors and page designers. He also played an integral role in scaling Storyd's viral LinkedIn ghostwriting service from a team of about 3 to 13 with nearly 100 viral posts and 150 million+ views for clients in 2022.

Personal Experience:

Outside of work, Ryan invests his time and energy into serving and leading his wife and four children, his extended family, his church, and his community. He has served many years as a church elder and treasurer, an AWANA game director, and a local Lions Club member and leader. He enjoys watching local and professional sports, trading the stock market, and thinking deeply about Biblical prophecy and economic cycles.